Weight Lifting Class

KOM Competition format

There are 3 STRAVA segments used in our KOM competition. The best placed male and female riders after all 3 segments will be crowned the Jack-Cass 100 KOM and QOM. Your placing on each segment is your score (1st would be 1 point, 2nd would be 2 points, etc.). The lowest cumulative score will determine the winner. Ties will be broken by the riders’ segment completion time on the final segment. If there is still a tie, there will be a count-back on the times of the previous segments until a winner is determined. If no winner can be determined through these methods, the winner will be chosen by drawing a name from amongst the tied participants.

Rules to Ride By

  • You must use Strava to participate in the competition
  • Your times must be completed on the day of the event
  • You must complete the 65 or longer routes to participate
  • You must obey all traffic laws and compete safely
  • Make sure there is no traffic you will interfere with on your attempt
  • Respect all other riders on the segments
  • You are solely responsible for uploading your data by the designated cut-off time
  • We are not responsible for errors in the Strava program, upload process, timing, etc.

  • We can only include climb times that are successfully uploaded and registered on Strava
  • KOM start and finish will be marked.
  • The start/finish of each KOM is approximated as closely as possible based on aerial maps.
  • Rules, prizes, and scoring can be changed at the discretion of the Ride Director at anytime without notification.
  • Decisions of the Jack-Cass 100 Ride Director is final in all competition matters
  • This is for fun, give it a go, relax, and enjoy
Event is rain or shine, no refunds. As this event serves as a non-profit fundraiser, in the unlikely event that the event is cancelled due to severe weather, all entrants’ entry fees will be converted over to a annual membership in MOBikeFed. Please register early. Early registration allows us to better prepare food and volunteers. Your registration helps support The Foundation for Bicycling and Walking.
Gran Fondo Route


  • Time Trial Segment

    This mile long segment will test your ability to get up to speed and hold it for the entire segment. TT Segment Map

  • Climb Segment

    This one is for the climbers. A long climb with a kick to the line will tax the legs of even the lightest climbers. Climb Segment Map

  • Sprint Segment

    An all out sprint to the finish will give riders one final chance to best their fellow riders. Sprint Segment Map

KOM Overall Prizes

Awarded to Top 3 Male & Female

2nd Place $200+ Value

  • $40

  • $30 Long-Bell Pizza Co. Gift Card

  • $20 Bicycle Shack Gift Card

  • 1/2 Off entry 2024 Jack-Cass 100

  • 1/2 Off Entry 2023 BikeMO

  • 1/2 Off Entry 2023 Urich Bike Fest

  • More TBA

3rd $100+ Value

  • $30

  • $15 Long-Bell Pizza Co.
    Gift Card

  • $15 Bicycle Shack Gift Card

  • 25% Off entry 2024 Jack-Cass 100

  • 25% Off Entry 2023 BikeMO

  • 25% Off Entry 2023 Urich Bike Fest

  • More TBA


Map My Ride Maps

Garmin Connect Maps

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